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Changing the oil yourself will not void the manufacturer´s warranty, not doing it correctly will. There is a lot of confusion regarding this subject and it is commonly believed that changing the oil yourself is one of the quickest ways to void the warranty on your vehicle. However, this is not necessarily the case. Previously we talked about the reasons your car needs synthetic oil in this post. Today, at Absolute-Synthetic in Cowlitz County, WA we want to take the time to go over some important information regarding the truth about changing the oil yourself, and how to not void the manufacturer warranty.

Mistakes You Don´t Want to Make When Changing the Oil

There are a few facts that you need to know about changing your oil so that the manufacturer warranty stays intact. Changing the oil in your vehicle will not void the warranty unless you do it incorrectly. There are basically two ways to mess up when changing your oil. The first is by damaging or not doing the oil change right. Not changing the filter, not using the correct type of oil or filter are all ways to wreck an oil change, so make sure you know how to do the oil change correctly first. The second and most common mistake, is to do the oil change correctly, but forget to keep proper records of the oil change or maintenance done to your vehicle.

Keep Proper Records of the Vehicle Maintenance

Whether you do it yourself or get your oil changed somewhere else, the most important thing besides having it done correctly is to keep record of it. If you change the oil yourself make sure you keep the receipts of all the material you used and that the dates are legible. Also keep a written book record of the oil change and other maintenance done to your vehicle. Include the date and place where this is done, how many miles your vehicle had between oil changes and what is replaced or changed.

Avoid Voiding the Manufacturer Warranty

If you use the correct filters and replace them properly as well as change the oil within the recommended mileage then your manufacturer can not void the warranty. If they argue that this was not done then you need to have the proof and documents to support your argument.

For the Most Efficient Synthetic Oil in Cowlitz County, WA

Regardless of whether you change the oil yourself or take it to get it changed make sure you always ask that only the best and highest quality oil be used. For the best synthetic oil in Cowlitz County, WA contact Absolute-Synthetic today. AMSOI is the most superior synthetic oil, its performance and protection is without doubt the most exceptional. To buy AMSOIL synthetic oil in Cowlitz County, WA, please call (360) 304-8595 to contact Michael Anderson.

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