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Two False Beliefs About the Proper Use of Synthetic Oils

In a previous post we mentioned some of the most important reasons why your car needs synthetic oil, and how it allows the engine to perform much better. Although the many benefits of synthetic oil are clear, there is still a lot of misleading information out there that can affect your perception of this superior product and the benefits it can provide. That is why, at Absolute-Synthetic in Centralia, WA, we have taken the time to explain the truth about two false beliefs regarding the use of synthetic oils and how to properly use them.

False Belief #1 Synthetic Oil Makes the Car Use up More Oil

This is something that is completely false. In fact, it is completely the other way around. Synthetic oil can last longer than other oil types, and are much more efficient in preventing sludge buildup. It is also great at maintaining its levels, unlike conventional oils that may have a high evaporation rate, synthetic oils have minimal to none evaporation rates, and are not used up as quickly because of their efficiency.

False Belief #2 When Using Synthetic Oil, Change the Oil Filter to Go Longer Between Oil Changes

This is another false statement that can create a lot of problems if you believe it. Changing the oil filter is a necessary routine procedure that allows you to keep the oil in good condition. Even if you use synthetic oil it will still need to be changed eventually and regardless of the oil type and so will the oil filter. It is an additional procedure that is needed eventually, and does not replace the need for oil changes. The oil filter acts as a trap for excess waste but does not take care of all cleaning needs for the oil. Utilizing the right synthetic oil will allow you to go longer between oil changes but will not replace the need for them nor will changing the oil filter.

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