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Your Car Should Always Use Synthetic Oil

Having a car is great! It helps us move quickly from one place to another, it allows us to travel and commute, and its has become a bare necessity. That is why it is so essential to properly take care of our vehicles. Today at Absolute-Synthetic in Longview, WA we want to make sure you understand the top reasons your car needs synthetic oil.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Car Should Use Synthetic Oil in Longview, WA

  1. It is excellent at protecting the engine from wear. The lubrication performance of a synthetic oil is much more superior than those of conventional or synthetic blend oils. It does a much better job at protecting the engine from wear and friction that can reduce the durability of the engine and its components.
  2. It has an incredible stability. One of the best qualities of synthetic oil is the amazing stability of its formula. Synthetic oils can withstand almost all types of extreme weather conditions as well as harsher driving conditions. This is due to the man made chemical components. Since they do not include natural occurring chemicals that tend to breakdown at high temperatures or difficult driving conditions, they are able to help your engine perform at its best even in those cases. In the heat it will provide a cooling assistance and protection and in the harsh cold it will still flow smoothly and function properly to help your engine start up without problems.
  3. It reduces the need for constant oil changes. The keyword here is reduces. It in no way eliminates the need for oil changes but it does do a pretty good job at prolonging them. Since synthetic oils do not get as contaminated and its components do not break down as easily they can maintain its quality for longer periods of time. This in turn makes them last longer and in better shape between oil changes. Most conventional oils require that you change them about every 3,000 miles. If you always use a high quality full synthetic oil then you may not need to change your oil until around every 5,000 miles.

AMSOIL's Superior Synthetic Oil in Longview, WA

Using the right synthetic oil can allow us to assist our vehicles in the long and hard work they do for us. That is why you should use only the best synthetic oil in Longview, WA. AMSOIL, synthetic oil, is the highest quality oil for your vehicle. It will improve the life of your engine so your can drive with the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today or visit our online store to start using AMSOIL oil in Longview, WA. Call (360) 304-8595 now.

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