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Thank you for visiting our new blog page. We will be updating our page with interesting and useful posts in the very near future, so do visit us again soon.

In the meantime, for any questions or queries, please get in...

Best Trucks Ever in Cowlitz County

We've given our opinion on the best sports fishing boats ever, now it is time for trucks. This list is just an opinion, so let us know what you think.

2003-2006 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Rubicon

The TJ was smaller and nimbler than today's Wrangler, but represents the...

Coolest Sports Fishing Boats Ever in Centralia

For the boating enthusiasts out there, we compiled a list of our favorite sports fishing boats. Let us know what you think.

Ocean 40 Super Sport

Launching New Jersey's Leek family into prominence, the Ocean 40 Super Sport debuted in 1977. Boasting a...
You may have heard of synthetic oil or seen ads for it on TV, but not many people really understand what it is. Here is everything you need to know about synthetic oil. Motor oil serves two purposes- to lubricate your engine to run more efficiently and to protect your engine from abrasion....

Your Car Should Always Use Synthetic Oil

Having a car is great! It helps us move quickly from one place to another, it allows us to travel and commute, and its has become a bare necessity. That is why it is so essential to properly take care of our vehicles. Today at Absolute-Synthetic in...
Changing the oil yourself ;will not void the manufacturer´s warranty, not doing it correctly will. There is a lot of confusion regarding this subject and it is commonly believed that changing the oil yourself is one of the quickest ways to void the warranty on your vehicle. However, this is not...

Two False Beliefs About the Proper Use of Synthetic Oils

In a previous post we mentioned some of the most important reasons why your car needs synthetic oil, and how it allows the engine to perform much better. Although the many benefits of synthetic oil are clear, there is still a lot of...

End of AMSOIL Fuel Additive Month

Here are the final group of AMSOIL fuel additives to close out our coverage this month. Let us know what you think.

Motorcycle Octane Boost

Boosting octane in your motorcycle increases startup performance, eliminates engine knock, and increases power at low RPM....

More AMSOIL Gas ; Diesel Additives

This month, we are celebrating the complete line of AMSOIL fuel additives. Here is the next installment of products we think you will enjoy.

Diesel Recovery Emergency Fuel Treatment

Your fuel has surpassed its cloud point, when the wax that occurs naturally in...

AMSOIL Additives for Gas or Diesel

AMSOIL has a line of fuel additives for gas or diesel engines that you will not want to miss. Here are a few examples of our high-performance products.

Dominator® Octane Boost

If you are experiencing engine knock in your two- or four-stroke engine, you need...